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It is the 1960s and in South East London the ex SER station 'Elm Park' is served by a spur off the old L&SER mainline from Victoria. The station, was originally a through line reducing to single track through a short tunnel, but was cut back after WW2 and is now operated as a terminus with run-round facilities. A small general freight yard and a lino factory remain in use and rail served. Passenger services are served by 2 or 3 car electric trains. Freight services are mainly trip workings handled by Class 33 locomotives, although the odd Class 73 sometimes appears.

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The Facts

Bentley MRG acquired the layout from its builder Nigel Bowyer in 2007. This is the first venture for the group, although not for some of its members, into EM gauge. The track is hand-built using C&L components and buildings are mainly scratch built using plastic moulded sheets on hardboard backing.

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